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EFFECTIVE CONCEPTS -2020 (proposal for International Wellness Open DAY – 2020)

For Wellness / SPA and Beauty / Wellness & SPA Resort facilities

For masters of Wellness / SPA and Beauty, rehabilitation and all those who provide services for the restoration of health and beauty resources

  • Wellness-breakfast with an expert of the national health direction
  • Coaching session with specialists from different national Wellness & SPA areas
  • Business brunch / thematic brunch with experts and well-known speakers / trainers of national level
  • Meeting online / offline with SPA & Wellness -specialists of national health methods and traditions
  • One-day express course on National Wellness / SPA
  • Competitions, Festivals, Relay races of the healthy lifestyle according to national traditions
  • Culinary shows and tastings and master classes on national Wellness cooking
  • ECO-trainings of national Wellness / SPA masters
  • SMART – course / SMART session / SMART – group for one day for master classes of national traditions of Health Life Style
  • Theme party / “Reputation party” for regular visitors and supporters of HLS in the national format

Summer marathon of national traditions of wellness

International Wellness Challenge for everyone involved in the profession of healing, rehabilitation, all kinds of national traditions of strengthening and restoring health, for beauty specialists, masters of massage, cosmetology, rehabilitation, osteopathy, kinesiology, top therapist, SPA therapist, aqua specialists thermal complexes.

What to do to attract customers and popularize among them their own wellness national Wellness methods:

21 days (the time when your customers will have a healthy Wellness habit) – publish on your Wellness / SPA Facebook page all the useful life hacks for health, tips, recipes … and everything that will return and strengthen the health of your customers and will be useful for them! Teach your community to be in a national Wellness style. Teach them new Wellness habits and let these new healthy habits come from you.

Accustom your potential clients to your comprehensive expertise, to a system of interaction with you. Let them always turn to you only for all questions of wellness and wellness. Show them your versatile knowledge, but make 21 days with you also fun, diverse and not boring.

How to do it:

  1. mark the official project page and publication with a frame on the Ukrainian Wellness Open DAY page and support the Wellness project with a frame – show your clients on your page that you are already a member of the World Wellness Team.
  2. Apply the Wellness frame to your profile photo.
  3. In the comments on the official publication, pass the challenge to your two colleagues or Wellness – to friends in your country and in other countries (use them via @)
  4. Post your Wellness-chips with a hashtag # wellness21 21 days (for example, # wellness21 Day 1 … # wellness21 Day 5 … # wellness21 Day 21.).
  5. Every day, invite two more of your colleagues and Wellness friends – let us be more in the whole world! We show the world that our national Wellness traditions are effective, vibrant, useful, relevant, and our Wellness team of specialists is the best in the world!
You can attract well-known speakers, industry experts, fellow experts from related industries and divisions Engage your colleagues with the Wellness industry for a joint project – thus attract a large audience to your page
Make high-quality advertising and attract your audience thanks to:

– competent targeting,

– interesting visualization of advertising publications (those visualizations that customers will want to repost)

– promotions  from your facility;

– Put marketing programs in your series of publications for the possibility of further contact with your target audience;

– do not forget about post-PR and vivid photos and videos that we will post on the YouTube channel of the project

Do not forget about information dissemination tools:

– your personal page in social networks

– your professional page in social networks

– your professional group

– your groups in instant messengers

– targeted advertising

– all kinds of “touches” and interactions with your target audience

– cooperation with the organizing committee of the project

Do not forget about attracting additional options:

– branding of the Wellness box, its presentation and raffle;

– drawing of gift certificates for services;

– branding of Wellness accessories and their promotional sale (at the lowest price) and promotional draw;

– branding of Wellness clothing for procedures – its promotional sale and rally;

– accessories for the holiday with the project logo and your brand (photo zone, flags, presentation stands, etc.)

– attract your partner suppliers to the organization of the event (remember that direct aggressive advertising repels the client), use advertising and marketing campaigns.

– Engage the media and all info resources to support your event

You can invite your partner suppliers to cooperate to form your brand Wellness-boxes, draws and promotional offers

–  You can “Play for the random” – gift certificates for services

–  You can attract information resources in social networks to disseminate information about your events;

–   You can take photos and videos of your events and post-PR of your promotions and events;

–  You can make your branded accessory Wellness and offer it at a mega-promotional price and make a draw (only in some of these 21 days);

– Invite your participants to marathons, coach sessions, master classes; consultation; trainings;

– Do photo contests of the best results among your customers (without a photo “before the procedure”).


If you need advice on creating an effective individual concept, brand book of the project, info support and marketing offers – please contact the organizing committee of the project – in the Viber group we provide all information support to project participants for free.


Organizing Committee of the Project :  +38044 209 2719;  +38097 351 4221; +38098 416 8663; e-mail: sparesort-soyuz@ukr.net 


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