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Anti-crisis Wellness-Guard


Anti-crisis Wellness-Guard, founded at the initiative of the GMWC team with the support of the Union of SPA Professionals, Resorts and Wellness Facilities in Ukraine.

Anti-crisis Wellness- community of specialists, experts, professionals in the preventive and health-improving industry: doctors, rehabilitologists, Wellness experts, dietitians, nutritionists, aromatherapists, fitness trainers and all specialists in the sanatorium-improving industry, professionals involved in traditional and ethno-health and prevention programs diseases, strengthening human health and immunity.

  • The purpose of the Anti-Crisis Wellness Guard: for the period of quarantine and the epidemic of coronavirus, systematic regular online counseling, information, online training and master classes to increase the body’s resistance, preventive measures, and wellness programs.


  • After quarantine and the coronavirus epidemic, Wellness-guard will continue their work for the customers page – SPA LOGIA and will act as a WELLNESS INFORMATION SERVICE.


  • GMWC 2020 and the Union of Professionals of SРА, Resorts and Wellness Facilities in Ukraine provide:
  1. our pages on the social network Facebook, info-platform on the Internet,
  2. all possible Union resources for the distribution of useful information in Ukraine on-line for the entire quarantine period.
  • Who else can take part in the program: all interested specialists, preventive health-improving institutions, clinics, individual specialists.
  • Information is accepted in the form of: texts, video materials, info-graphics and images.


  • Wellness Guard CREATED TO do the following:
  • Рrovide useful tips and information on prevention and recovery online
  • Рrovide on-line consultations on preventive-health-improving means and programs
  • Perform online workshops and training on the use of preventive drugs and home health and wellness training
  • On-line lectures, written information and video schools of healing, etc.


  • Wellness Guard  DOES NOT:
  • Аggressive advertising
  • Not satisfied with the on-line store

GMWC 2020 and the Union of SPA Professionals invite the 5 most active participants to attend the Grand Massage & Wellness Congress 2020, and the active participant, by decision of the founders and the International Committee for the Development of Massage, SPA & Wellness will receive the main prize of the “Wellness Person” project during the Аward Сeremony 9 July 2020

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